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Odisha Dental Academy, a state of the art dental academy of Odisha is offering various courses for the freshgraduates as well as for the established practitioner in collaboration with Smile Care, Mumbai and Asian Dental Academy Hyderabad. After a lot of brain storming sessions with the various stake holders of Dental Industry, we decided to bring the industry recognized and award winning dental practitioners to Odisha, the most promising city in Eastern India having 4 well known dental colleges. In the last few years we had interacted with a lot of fresh dental graduates and we realized what they are lacking during their graduation. So the idea of ODA came to our mind. The main focus of ODA is combining dental education with practical hands- on- training.
Our courses are designed meticulously keeping in mind what a fresh graduate need to start his/her practice or what an existing practitioner needs to enhance their skills.
We truly believe that education must be accompanied with practice, So, at ODA you will not only get the education, but at the same time you will practice what you have learnt.
We want the fresh graduates to learn all the basics in dentistry and then they can pursue expertise courses in their preferred subject. We can help them in every possible manner in establishing their practice in any part of Odisha.