Fixed orthodontic course

Course Name: Fixed orthodontic course

Duration: 1year

ORTHO INITIA is a learning initiative to help doctors incorporate Fixed Orthodontics Treatment into their practice. ORTHO INITIA will be launching a one-year long course at four cities in India - Guwahati, Vadodara, Bilaspur, Anand, and Bhubaneswar. For a full clinical experience, participants will have the opportunity to treat actual orthodontic patients beginning from diagnosis and bonding to retention. The Aim of the course is as follows: Each orthodontic course is limited in the number of participants in order to maintain an optimum, dynamic student-to-mentor learning experience in a clinical setting.
  • The concepts and implementation of this practice oriented hands-on course will allow each participant to start fixed orthodontics in his/her practice confidently.
  • The course curriculum has been designed in such a way that participants can easily understand Fixed Ortho Treatment modalities.
  • MBT technique has simplified orthodontics very much. Participants will get the opportunity to observe dozens of Fixed Ortho Cases and will get the opportunity to treat at least one case completely on their own under the guidance of their mentor. The main focus will be on practical aspects.

Course Fee is Rs 100000/- + GST

Course fee includes :-
Reading material, set of wires required for straight wire treatment, one set of direct bonding staright wire technique brackets. One set of bondable tubes, all necesasary equipment, diagnostic xrays, one patient, two straight wire bracket kits, tea, snacks and lunch


  • The first 2 modules of extensive theoretical and practical training will be followed by one module each month till the end of the treatment.
  • Each participant will follow up their cases till the end of the treatment under the mentor's guidance.
  • On each follow up visit additional important orthodontic topic will be covered according to the cases of Individual participants.
  • Cases of participants will be discussed thoroughly and treatment planning will be provided.
  • Power points, models and case photographs will be used during lectures for ease of understanding.
  • Hand notes, take away points and model analysis will be given to each participant.
  • All types of consumable materials will be provided to the participants at each visit.
  • At the end of successful completion, participants will be provided with a certificate.
Participants must bring their own sets of instruments. Reading materials, one set of direct bonding straight wire technique brackets, casts, X Rays, bond-able tubes & a set of wires will be provided to the participants.

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